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Master Data Management .....its a Health & Safety attitude

Anyone who has worked in construction or engineering will be familiar with the heavy emphasis on Health & Safety, it's the same focus whether you are out on site or in the office. Inductions and training courses have to be attended and staff are actively encouraged to enforce and report any infringements - from how you park you car, holding the hand rail on the stairs to how the kitchen door opens.

It got me thinking, OK so no one (I believe) has ever died or been injured through poor Master Data quality or Master Data process adherence but wouldn't it be amazing if an organisation could instill the same level of ownership in Master Data as it does in Health and Safety? I'd like to believe that organisations don't just invest in H&S to avoid fines and to just simply pass inspections but because they believe it will reduce accidents and improve the well being of its staff.

A member of staff in one organisation reprimanded me for walking across the office with a fresh cup of coffee with no lid on, they'd never met me before but they felt empowered to challenge me. At the time I was a bit aggrieved but now I'm in awe at that level of empowerment.

Imagine if a colleague chastised you for being sloppy with your Master Data requests !!

A member of my team picked me up for descending the stairs and not holding the hand rail, "I've seen you do it before, if you do it again I'll have to report you". At the time again I felt aggrieved if not insulted but I knew deep down who was in the wrong in the organisations eyes. I wasn't even a permenant employee yet felt this within weeks.

On another occasion the kitchen door was reported, it opened inwards which meant staff carrying cups of coffee or trays of coffees / teas etc risked a calamity exiting the kitchen. A week later the issue was addressed.

Imagine if we could get that level of 'doing things right' in the Master Data world, if people were encouraged to report Master Data issues as they would H&S infringments or hazards..... imagine.

I'm in no way belittling the world of Health and Safety (even if I've managed to navigate stairs for 40 years without an accident !!) it's there to protect an organisations staff, a hugely valuable asset, and I'm not suggesting Master Data needs the same robust level of legislation etc it's the 'attitude' I'm interested in that feeling of 'empowerment' afterall Master Data is also a hugely valuable asset to an organisation too isn't it?

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