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Master data management/ maintenance - it’s NOT the same as data administration

I’ve recruited a lot of master data folks in my career to date. I still come up against the notion that it’s just about sticking information in boxes, doesn’t require much skill, l should get someone fairly cheaply, or we'll just bolt it onto x's role that'll do won’t it?!! This is some of the most important information your business has. Would you entrust your financial accounting to ‘someone cheap’? Employ a total novice to run your factory?

I guess the main issue is that it’s much easier to put a value on a good accountant, credit manager, production manager or sales manager. However have you ever taken the time to work out how much your organisation loses through failed orders, incorrect orders, downtime, re working of reports, customer dissatisfaction etc that can be attributed to the quality of or lack of master data? Invariably issues with master data affect many teams and take time to resolve = £’s.

To manage master data well you need great facilitators, who ask pertinent questions and are not afraid to challenge, yet still have an eye/ hand for detail. Certainly not just an 'anyone will do' role!