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Master data madness?

Many people think I'm mad when I say I work with Master data. However I don't know a many roles/ opportunities in an organisation where you have

- the opportunity to work with almost every department within an organisation

- get involved in almost every business process not just creating the master data but understanding what the business does with it and why, from designing a product to dealing with customer complaints

- get to work with all levels within an organisation, the Directors might make the decisions and sign the cheques but the workforce really makes the difference when managing master data

- get to be 'Sherlock Holmes' when it comes to understanding what 'really' happens to that master data and why things are 'really' not working !!!

- get to spend hours arguing over what an 'each' actually represents, whether Charcoal is just another version of Black and how do you fit a meaningful description into 40 characters!!!

- being loathed and loved in equal measure after all the master data is always wrong isn't it ....?!

I love it because for me its not just about putting carefully defined information into boxes and setting never ending rules and standards its about people and consequently no two days are ever the same !!

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