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10 things I've observed so far as a Master Data Management consultant

A few little light hearted observations ..........

1. No one outside of 'the business' has a clue what I do

2. Many people who purport to be in 'the business' don't understand either "well it's a master data management role ...."

3. You have to accept that Excel isn't going anywhere

4. 90% of the role is actually business change management

5. A lot of people think data is just data.....

6. Many organisations want to change without actually changing anything......

7. Month end is really badly named as it seems to consume the Finance dept for at least 3 weeks every month ......

8. Almost everyone's situation is 'special' or 'different'

9. You are more likely to rock up at a new client and find rocking horse poo than a set of Master data quality standards

10. A shiny new master data tool alone will NOT solve anyones master data problems