Master Data Governance & Master Data  Management strategy

MMZer01 will work with your leadership team to align Master Data Management objectives with business objectives and to recommend the best approach for Master Data Governance and Management.  We can then help to deliver the strategy,  identification and organisation of resources,  and stakeholder engagement / communications.

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Business Process Design & Improvement

A large proportion of Master Data errors are as a consequence of poorly designed and understood end to end business processes.  MMZer01 can work with your business teams to establish or revise operational processes to gain a real understanding of how and where Master Data is used in your organisation and by whom.

Training design and delivery

MMZer01 have many years experience in designing and delivering bespoke training programmes for all areas of Master Data Management.  We can offer online or classroom packages as required.

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Documentation and Management of Operating procedures

MMZer01 understand the importance of simple, precise and repeatable work instructions and the importance of fully understood quality standards.  We can help your business define or improve such documentation as well as planning for future updates.

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Change management and communication

The journey on the road to excellent master data management will always involve a certain amount of business change management.  Its critically important that organisations learn to talk about Master data,  senior management are able to articulate expectations in terms of the organisation's master data goals.  MMZer01 have experience in tailoring change management and communications packages following assessment of business culture and the scale of impact from large implementations involving 1000's of users to smaller adhoc initiatives.

Trouble shooting & Resolving Master data issues

MMZer01 can help your business teams to identify and resolve issues with Master data consistency and quality.  Putting in place robust procedures to reduce risk of repetition and also strategies for dealing with such issues in future.

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Please note that MMZER01 does not provide the following services:​

Recommendations for or implementation of technical software or hardware / Configuration or technical support (Architectural services) /            Data migration services (other than data cleansing / validation support)